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The campaign that was - and the problems it's left President Hollande

The French left is still celebrating - but when the hangovers kick in, so will the legacy of a divisive campaign, and the tough subjects that were often forgotten. I take a look both forwards and back.

What do young voters want?

Amid fears of record low turnout, especially among the young, candidates are busy pitching to first-time voters with promises like cheap driving lessons - but isn't it all a bit patronising?

Is Sarkozy milking the fear of radical Islam for political gain?

At least 24 people have been arrested on suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack in France in the last few days - two and a half weeks before election day, is this coincidence or political manoeuvering?

Storming the Bastille

Far left presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon led thousands of supporters in a march on the Bastille on Sunday, as he hits over 10% in polls - but why is he doing so well?

The candidates' European problem

François Hollande staked a claim to being France's best defender of Europe in a speech today. He's treading a pretty thin line between pitching to Eurosceptic voters and trying to impress his foreign counterparts.

Sarkozy and the city

Nicolas Sarkozy holds the biggest rally of his election campaign tomorrow in Villepinte in the Paris suburbs. In 2007, he promised a 'Marshall plan' that would turn those suburbs around - so what happened to that?

On the French campaign trail - in London

This election will see France score a world first - by electing MPs to represent voters living abroad. But what will these people actually do? We spoke to the candidates to find out.

Getting out the vote - in Paris' poorest suburbs

There's a new buzzword for French politicians - 'peuple', the people - as they all try to appeal to the working class. I went to find out how that's going down in one of France's most deprived suburbs.

New to Twitter? Tips for @nicolassarkozy

The French president joined Twitter today, and there's a row over whether Facebook gave his team an unfair advantage - but the real story is, why are French politicians so bad at social networking?

17 and alone in a foreign country

There are 1700 foreign children in the care of local authorities in Paris, having arrived in Europe alone. I went to find out who they are, how they got here and what happens to them next.

"The insufferable Mr. Gueant"

French interior minister Claude Gueant is making headlines this morning for yet another controversial remark on Islam - but is he really speaking out of turn, or is all part of a carefully planned strategy on the right?

Housing for all!

With 8 million people classed as badly housed - homeless, in overcrowded houses or unable to pay the rent - all France's presidential candidates have something to say about the housing crisis. But will they really make a difference?

Policy making in the last chance saloon

Nicolas Sarkozy made what looked to many commentators like a desperate bid to stay relevant in the presidential race with a big TV interview on Sunday night - but has he already lost?

Banker bashing - the way to election victory?

François Hollande thrilled the socialist faithful yesterday by promising to fight the financial system - but with Marine Le Pen and centrist François Bayrou also claiming to be outside the 'system', can that pitch work for all of them?

Is Mexico's experiment with democracy over?

In 2000, Mexico celebrated what was globally celebrated as its first free and fair election. Twelve years later and six months from a fresh poll, mired in drug trafficking, violence and corruption, this seems a distant memory.

Sun, sand, sea... and corruption

How tourist demand for pristine beaches in the Mexican Caribbean is leading to the carving up of the rainforest for quick profits.

Have the French finally had enough of corruption?

The French have long had a reputation for tolerating all sorts of financial misbehaviour on the part of their politicians - but today rising Socialist star Arnaud Montebourg tells an interviewer voters have had enough. Is he right?

"France is Christian and should remain so"

French theatres and art galleries are being targeted by a vocal right-wing Catholic protest movement that pickets work it deems blasphemous, but what motivates them?

Votes for foreigners!

Should you have to be French to vote in France? The Senate says no - but that doesn't mean anything will change, while both parties kick the issue around like a political football.

Merkozy for President?

Fiscal union is being touted as the answer to all the eurozone's problems - but how will Sarkozy sell it to a sceptical electorate?